Fun Ball

In the sense of trying new things, i don’t hesitate to sign up for the Fun ballz game.At the same time also pulled nine schoolmate at college, I was afraid too expensive when all unexpected cheer.Football is a bubble from Denmark, and recently in the European red activities.Wear made of plastic bubble, on the rampage, to enjoy in the bubble under the protection of the other hit.Bubble fun ball has a different size, it will be around the head of the whole package, so if there will be a buffer.To get the big bubble is the fundamental is to be frank, everywhere the people will not fall into the fly
It’s not crazy to play like the official film, nor do you see a whole circle of people.
In addition, the bubble is actually quite obscured the view, most of the time you can not see where the football in which.As I have often in the situation to find the ball, then dangling on the sidelines…But in fact we experience is the focus of the butt and fall,I often see two people not to play in the sidelines to collide to see who knocked over the falls; later is likely to play far away,After falling down, it’s not easy to stand up. I’ll get down to the front and get down to my knees.
In fact, the whole play down and imagine a bit of the gap, and there is not much of the collision.We spend a lot of time looking for where the football, and the other is not to grab the ball without cause to hit someone else a little strange .The last to say is that the bubble is really over heated! We have left a pile of sweat in fact not because of the large amount of exercise.i Was also worried about the experience of a half hour will not be too short, the result is quite right.
Ten distressed after that, the next day got up a little shoulder and neck pain .I don’t think it’s like an official video. It’s probably because the site is not large enough. In fact, to the people to hit the fly to have a considerable speed, but the venue is small, in fact, running is not too fast.The other is the general football do not have impact factors in American football, if it would be more fun (hey).
The most exciting part of the game is a team after the goal, we need to wait for the whistle to grab the ball to the middle of the ball.At the same time, ten people on a ball collision is the most, you can see a group of people rushed together by open .
The next time you want to go can not be too concerned about the score, we said to strike


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