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We’re in luck, and it is that the good news in the world of funballz bumperz come rolled,after appearing on major television networks and radio as well as print media, appeared in the program of Radio four Media set partytoparty. Luis Navarro one ofpolicymakers of Bubble Football in Barcelona was interviewed live on the sport of soccerbubble which are pioneers. If you could not hear it live or have you been unable tolocate the podcast here are a synthesis of what gave him the interview. You anticipate that it discussed the birth of the same activity, as well as what would be the most basic rules, the new franchise that we will open soon with headquarters and different proposals open to everyone that will generate a greater dynamism of the Bubble Soccer.

Would you like to know more details of the interview with Bubble Football a sport‘s balls? Here we go…

What is this new sport called Bubble Football?

It is a sport that is to play football and other activities inside a giant bubble thatcovers you almost the entire body, up to the knees

Where did the idea to play a sport such how?

In the Nordic countries 5 years ago, and moved to Italy, France, and two years ago inBarcelona, of which we are pioneers

There are many rules? Are these complicated?

Not are complicated, the same target mark goal. It allows much more dynamism since there are no rules.

What are the sizes of bubbles?

There are 2 sizes of bubble. A standard for the larger ones and then another adapted so that children can play.

What amount of players is ideal to play a game of Bubble Football?

It will depend first of all of the dimensions of the field of play which will be carrying out the activity, butMinimum 4 against 4. It is adaptable.

Is climb into the bubble not overwhelming?

Bubbles have a hole at the top and bottom by removing the feeling of oppression.

Have you found with many injuries?

Bubble Football is one of the safest sports that currently exist. Much more than football.

Are you expanding borders, where will be the new headquarters?

Soon, opens new headquarters generating all that public a greater chance of play and interaction among all users.

After many months of work, the good news for the company are beginning to happen. With all this, the new headquarters of funballz bumperz, the tournament which is being organized in Barcelona and the chance to contest the League Bubble Football 1st statewide, end of August are paying to talk.

You already are the latest on sports tendency with more balls today?

We are sure that among many of the proposals that will surprise every day, bubble soccer is an activity that you‘ll have to try. Well with the club in which you are playing, with the family or just with friends.

Often look for experiences and sensations that allow us to boast either explain them too the friends who still have not had lucky enough to try it out and you: do you think that Bubble Football isn’t one of those things that it is best to live to tell?


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