funballz nw

Funballz nw is a new and improved version of the American, European and Internationally renowned game. Traditionally, the game of soccer is played by two opposing teams of eleven players. Each team is comprised of ten players and a goalie.

The objective of the tradition game is to score the ball in the opposing team’s goal. However, with Bubble Soccer the traditional, enjoyable, game has been transformed into a fun loving collision of bouncing bodies. Known in Europe as “Bubble Football,” this new version of the sport was invented by a man named Lee Mosley. Mosley designed the game so that bumperz it consists of at least fourteen players inside of individual bubbles with the single objective of obtaining the soccer ball. The goal of this game is for each player to compete for the soccer ball, and if that means carelessly bouncing into another player- so be it. The bubble will protect the player and increase the pleasure of the game. There aren’t any teams; only individual players embarking on the most epic quest: “the Bubble Attack of the Soccer Ball.”



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