funballz soccer

Funballz Soccer is an exciting new venture that brilliantly combines soccer and bubble wrap. To play, teams wear typical soccer attire, but with giant bubble suits on top. They are designed for practically any type of weather or outdoor environment. Needless to say, these suits are remarkably safe. This allows for hard tackling within the game which adds an element of rough play into it.

Bumperz soccer adds a whole new dimension to traditional soccer. You now have the opportunity to play soccer and bump your opponents without worrying about getting hurt!

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Bubble Soccer has quickly become a worldwide hit. It is fun for both children and adults. Funballz developed Bumperz back in 2010 and has continuously improved the durability and look of the balls.How would you like to play a game of indoor soccer while wearing a giant inflatable ball? If you ran into your opponent and fell down, you would literally bounce back up.the language is not a barrier between indoor soccer and craziness! Enjoy a sneak peak of this exciting new product.


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