FunBallz is the newest product . The activity fits nearly everyone from 5 years and up. You can roll around, sumo wrestle, play soccer, and a lot more with these inflated rubber balls.

Funballz is the newest invention after the ZORB BALL and the WATER BALL for 2011. You have seen it on ITV, you have seen it on BBC Sport, now you can experience these unique fun Balls for yourselves. Portable, enjoy happy fighting with your friends at each favorable game.

Run foul of each other as protector, it is easy and free when running and rolling inside,widen your vision effect more than roll ball.Playing with this fun toy is like wearing a SUMO SUIT, but more interesting and suitable for more places.You can use this to play on the grass, beach, inflatable pools, etc.Players can bump each other, kick the soccer ball together, roll down ramps, hills, or small mountains, etc.



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